Everyone everywhere

The Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) have achieved much in their 14-year lifespan, but with less than two years until they expire, the world is now looking for a new international development framework – a new vision to end extreme global poverty. These are our thoughts:

A mixed picture on water

It hasn’t all been good – although the MDG target on water was met, it didn’t take into account the distance people had to travel, the quality of water or the sustainability of services. It also hides huge differences between regions – most of Africa remains off-track. That’s bad news.

The sad story of sanitation

The target to halve the number of people with adequate sanitation is the most off-track of all the targets. Taking into account population growth, there are almost as many people without access to sanitation as there were 20 years ago. That’s terrible news.

A missed priority

So how did this happen? Part of the problem was the targets around water and sanitation were included under the MDG on Environmental Sustainability. This meant that the importance of water and sanitation to human development was overlooked. One of the consequences has been a decline in the share of global aid for water and sanitation.

By signing the petition, you’re now part of a movement making sure this doesn’t happen again.

And nobody would feel the benefits more than girls – it's girls who usually collect water for their families, and girls who are most at risk when going to the toilet in the open.

A world where everyone, everywhere has clean water and safe sanitation would be healthier, better nourished, better educated, more equal and more productive.

For the first time in history, we know it’s within reach. In fact, if governments pull together as they’ve shown they can do, we could be living in a world like this by 2030. This September, world leaders are back in New York making those decisions all over again. Now is the time to influence that agenda. You're helping to do that  thank you.