Clean water and safe sanitation are vital to development but often overlooked by governments. WaterAid campaigns to push taps and toilets up the political agenda.

We couldn't do it without you, our amazing supporters – but we know that you take action not for us, but for the millions worldwide without clean water or anywhere safe to go to the toilet.

Watch the video below and listen to WaterAid campaign supporter Pat as she explains why she thinks campaigning makes a difference.

Pat Spry speaking

More words from our supporters on why they campaign:

Imagine how hard your daily routine would be without instant access to water and all the benefits it provides. This needs to be put at the top of all world leaders' agendas, as only they can make change happen and look to find ways to support and fund this growing crisis.
Linda, Wirral

It's not the glamorous end of politics is it? But sorting out the clean water and sanitation crisis would save more lives than any amount of food aid and would improve health sufficiently to allow people to find their own ways out of poverty.
Jane, Edinburgh

I believe that to take action internationally to provide clean water and sanitation will also be a step towards making the world a much fairer and a safer place.
Helen, Cirencester

I can't think of anything more important for every person on earth than having access to clean water.
Lorna, Farnham

Improving water and sanitation not only improves health, it frees up whole communities to spend more time on education and development of resources, pulling them out of poverty. Clean water and sanitation should be a basic right for all.
Carol, London