Your support is crucial to helping us on our journey to reach everyone everywhere with access to safe water, taps and toilets by 2030.

We've been working with the private sector for over 30 years and partnerships with the corporate sector are essential to WaterAid's work.

We work with companies to develop tailored partnerships that bring about shared objectives and will help make you stand out from your competitors.

Read on below to find out what your company could achieve by partnering with WaterAid.

A boy washes his hands at a new tap in Miandrivazo, Madagascar.

New partnerships

We work with a number of corporate partners, helping them to make a positive contribution to some of the world's poorest communities.

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Girls fetching water from a water source.

The crisis

Clean drinking water, proper toilets and good hygiene are essential, yet millions of people don’t have access to these basic services.

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