Invite your customers to be part of a journey that will transform the lives of millions with safe water, toilets and handwashing.

We are the number one charity associated with water, sanitation and hygiene, with 74% of UK consumers recognising WaterAid (Phar, 2016).

By partnering with us, you will align your brand to a cause close to the hearts of millions of people.

The Body Shop's Christmas campaign.Our 2015 Christmas campaign with The Body Shop raised more than £195,000 – enough to transform the lives of over 3,000 people in rural Ethiopia.

Engage your customers

Together, we’ll develop innovative campaigns that deliver great marketing value by improving your brand image, increasing your customers' brand loyalty and helping you stand out.

“We believe our partnership with WaterAid has had a huge impact on the perception of Belu Water as both a brand and a business,” says Karen Lynch, Chief Executive of Belu Water.

“In a world where consumers demand to be increasingly well informed, the wide recognition of the WaterAid brand has ensured our customers can buy our products with confidence.”

We’ve been working with the private sector for over 30 years, and we’ve demonstrated the positive impact a partnership with WaterAid can have – increasing access to clean water and improving access to sanitation have been ranked as the top causes for concern among global consumers (Nielsen, 2014).

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