Every day communities across Ethiopia have no choice but to get water from wherever they can, whether it's a dirty pond or an expensive water vendor. People are forced to go to the toilet in the open, facing loss of dignity and risking their safety.

You can choose to stop this.
Vote for WaterAid to be Credit Suisse’s UK Charity of the Year.

Vote for transformation that will last a lifetime

Credit Suisse will change lives for good across nine villages in the districts of Kamba and Arba Minch Zuria in rural Ethiopia by:

  • Giving over 7,500 people, including school children, clean water and toilets for the very first time.
  • Securing food and livelihoods for the future. Credit Suisse will support local farmers to employ environmental protection techniques to address the current challenges they face of soil degradation and poor groundwater resources.

Credit Suisse will help secure food and livelihoods for the future by supporting local farmers.
Our Voices from the Field officer in Ethiopia, Behailu (pictured left), will provide regular film and photo updates as action happens in your project.

Be part of the action as it happens

See the impact your support is having on the people of Kamba and Arba Minch Zuria as change happens through our Voices from the Field initiative. Get to know the villagers you are supporting through regular photo and film updates.

We will also take a select group of Credit Suisse staff to see the project for themselves – an experience of a lifetime.

We will inspire and engage you through a range of bespoke fundraising events and engagement activity. We will ensure there is something for everyone at Credit Suisse to take part in.

Make a splash – get involved

Turn wine into water

Credit Suisse: Destination Water

Get sponsored to virtually run, walk or cycle to your project in Ethiopia from your office to support women and children in Africa who walk for miles every day just to fetch water.  See who can reach Ethiopia first! We will provide people with weekly status updates on distance travelled and all the support staff need to take part.

Credit Suisse speaker network

Credit Suisse speaker network

Think global, act local. Join the Credit Suisse WaterAid Speaker Network. Volunteer to help us raise awareness of the global water and sanitation crisis and develop your public speaking skills at the same time by giving talks to schools and community groups here in the UK.

Volunteer at Glastonbury

Volunteer at Glastonbury

Credit Suisse employees could have the chance to apply to volunteer with WaterAid at Glastonbury Festival where we have a large presence.

Water on the lens photography competition

Water on the lens photography competition

Fancy yourself as the next David Bailey? Take part in our Credit Suisse Water on the Lens staff photography competition.

Turn wine into water

We will hold an entertaining wine tasting evening for Credit Suisse. This could also showcase an exciting exhibition of the Credit Suisse Water on the Lens staff photography competition.

Carry a watermelon

I carried a watermelon

Remember that scene from the movie Dirty Dancing? Do something a bit different during the month of World Water Day. Get sponsored to carry a watermelon with you everywhere you go for a week. This fundraising activity is a great talking point and will raise awareness of the challenge women and girls in Ethiopia face each day with carrying heavy loads of water.


Your support will play a major part in our ambitious vision of a world where everyone, everywhere has access to safe water and toilets by 2030. Help us make this a reality. Give everyone this basic human right.