We aim to reach 1.1 million with safe water

We aim to reach 1.9 million people with sanitation

We're working together in six countries

WaterAid is proud to be a global partner of the HSBC Water Programme.

The HSBC Water Programme brings together expertise from WaterAid, WWF and Earthwatch to help tackle the global water challenge – a challenge that sees 500,000 children die every year from diarrhoea caused by unsafe water and poor sanitation.

Over eight years, this exciting partnership will support WaterAid to reach millions of people with safe water and sanitation across Bangladesh, India, Nepal, Pakistan, Ghana and Nigeria.

Access to safe water and sanitation is vital for building healthy communities and developing economies. With safe water supplies close to home, women and children are able to spend less time collecting, or queuing for water. This extra time and less fatigue from carrying heavy containers over long distances enables children to go to school or play and women to carry out other work, often to earn money.

With access to a safe and private place to go to the toilet people are healthier and quality of life is greatly improved, especially for women and girls.

Our HSBC Water Programme achievements to date:

  • We have reached 1,654,425 people with safe water.
  • We have reached 2,514,393 people with sanitation.
  • 3,602 water and sanitation committees have been formed.
  • More than 3,100,000 people have received hygiene education.
  • We have trained 3,114 water pump mechanics.
  • More than 75 HSBC employees have become volunteer WaterAid speakers.
  • 366,777 children now have safe water facilities in their school.
  • 400 HSBC staff have been involved with WaterAid either as volunteers or through personal fundraising challenges.

Find out more about the HSBC Water Programme at The Water Hub >

Stories from our programme

Plumber Krishna wears a virtual reality headset in the hills of Kharelthok, Nepal.

30 August 2016

Be a part of our first ever virtual reality documentary, and join plumber Krishna as he faces the challenge of a lifetime.

Ram Bitoli, Rakhi Mandi, India.

When the sun turned red
3 December 2015 | India

Ram Bitoli first noticed she was losing her sight when the sun turned red. Without access to health care, she quickly lost her vision.

Women stand near new waterpoint in Nigeria

Helping women stay safe
8 September 2015 | Nigeria

How access to clean water and safe toilets has reduced the risk of sexual harassment in Mba Mondo, Nigeria.

Women collect water from a supply point in Paikgacha, Bangladesh.

Recovering from Cyclone Aila
17 August 2015 | Bangladesh

In Bangladesh, access to clean water is helping communities get back on their feet after the devastation of natural disaster.

Sulemanna Alhassan, Dohai-Yepala, Ghana

Sulemanna's story
11 June 2015 | Ghana

As the HSBC Water Programme reaches over a million people with toilets, we meet one of the local heroes who made it possible.

People from the community of Rakhi Mandi, India

Steps towards Clean India
26 May 2015 | India

In Kanpur, residents of one slum are determined to improve their lives and their futures – one toilet at a time.

Laxmi Sapkota, middle, with her son Sudip, left, and her daughter Pratriki, right.

Safe water, healthy life
6 February 2015 | Nepal

We're working with HSBC to transform lives in Nepal by improving access to safe water, taps and toilets.

Across the tracks

Across the tracks
2 February 2015 | India

We explore how a toilet can help transform lives by following the story of one ambitious mother in Uttar Pradesh.

Manghoo Bheel, 52, collects water at a well near Bewatoo, Pakistan

Water scarcity in Pakistan
24 September 2014 | Pakistan

Working with HSBC, we're improving access to water, with rainwater harvesting technologies, and promoting good hygiene practice.