Wild & Wolf

Wild & Wolf support WaterAid through the sale of Glugg Thirst Extinguishers.

Wild & Wolf are a British design-led company specialising in a varied range of licensed and in-house designed gift collections. Since 2010, they have been supporting WaterAid through the sales of the Glugg Thirst Extinguishers and have so far donated over £55,000 to WaterAid.

A Glugg Thirst Extinguisher
A Glugg Thirst Extinguisher.
Photo: Wild & Wolf

For every Glugg Thirst Extinguisher sold, Wild & Wolf donates 50p towards WaterAid’s work across all the countries we operate in. The Glugg Thirst Extinguisher is available for purchase in Debenhams, Bloomsbury and Amazon.