Essex & Suffolk Water

Since WaterAid was founded by the water industry in 1981, Essex & Suffolk Water has been supporting our mission to transform lives with clean water and safe toilets, and improve hygiene practices in the world's poorest communities.

In 2015, Essex & Suffolk Water, along with Northumbrian Water, launched a new five-year partnership with WaterAid.

They aim to raise £1 million to support the delivery of clean water and safe toilets to some of Madagascar's poorest communities.

Find out how Essex & Suffolk Water has made a difference as part of the Northumbrian Water Group

Download a copy of their impact report (PDF) >

Fun and fundraising for WaterAid

Essex & Suffolk Water employees, business partners and customers are encouraged to raise funds and awareness for WaterAid through events including race days, quiz nights, golf days, cake bakes and a triathlon, where participants run, swim and cycle around Essex & Suffolk Water’s Hanningfield Reservoir.

About Essex & Suffolk Water

Northumbrian Water Limited (NWL) operates in the north east of England, where it trades as Northumbrian Water, and in the south east of England, where it trades as Essex & Suffolk Water.

Essex & Suffolk Water provides water services to two separate supply areas: an area in Essex serving 1.5 million people and an area in Suffolk serving 300,000 people, through 8,580km of water mains.

For more information about our work with Essex & Suffolk Water, please visit the Northumbrian Water website >