SES Water

SES Water has supported WaterAid's mission to transform lives by improving access to clean water, safe toilets and hygiene in some of the world's poorest communities since 1981.

SES Water and education

SES Water runs a school education programme, which highlights the importance of a safe and reliable water supply to maintaining good health. In one session children are encouraged to think about the difficulties of life without access to safe water by exploring the lives of the people WaterAid supports.

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Fun and fundraising for WaterAid

Since 1993, SES Water has inserted appeal leaflets into customers’ water bills which has raised over £1.3 million including Gift Aid, enough to help over 86,000 people gain access to safe water.

Staff members support WaterAid through various fundraising activities including the WaterAid Mountain Challenge, a wine tasting evening, and the WaterAid lottery.

In September 2014 SES Water teamed up with Portsmouth Water and Bournemouth Water to host a cross-company Race Day at Goodwood Races. The event was a huge success raising more than £8,000.

About SES Water

SES Water is a water-only company that supplies customers in East Surrey, parts of West Sussex, West Kent and South London. The company on average supplies 160 million litres a day of drinking water to approximately 655,000 customers in 280,000 properties.

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