South Staffs Water

South Staffs Water, which incorporates Cambridge Water, has been an active supporter of WaterAid since 1981, providing volunteer speakers in the region and organising fundraising events.

South Staffs Water has been supporting projects in Zambia since 2012, with £15,000 of their funding going directly to WaterAid’s work in the region.

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Fun and fundraising for WaterAid

South Staffs Water has introduced an annual dinner dance to their fundraising calendar, alongside other activities including a successful fly fishing competition at Blithfield Reservoir. Dedicated volunteers work to maximise the organisation’s fundraising efforts, raising around £25,000 each year.

About South Staffs Water

South Staffs Water serves a population of 1.3 million. It supplies 330 million litres of water every day across a network of pipes that total 6,000km in length, reaching approximately 500,000 homes and 36,000 business customers in an area covering 1,500km².

Following its merger with Cambridge Water in April 2013, the company also provides water to 319,000 people around the city of Cambridge.

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