Our shared story: working in partnership with the UK water industry

In 1981, WaterAid was founded by the UK water industry. We look back on some of the milestones of our shared history.

In 1981, members of the UK water industry came together at the Thirsty World Conference, to discuss their response to a global crisis that had left billions of people without clean water or proper sanitation.

It was here that the idea for WaterAid was born – and on 21 July 1981, the organisation was registered as a charitable trust.

Since then, water industry employees, partners and customers have supported WaterAid’s vision of a world where everyone, everywhere has clean water and decent toilets.

View our Prezi to see some of the milestones in our shared history:

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“Our wonderful relationship with the UK water industry continues to raise vital awareness and funds,” says Barbara Frost, WaterAid UK’s Chief Executive.

“The water companies’ passionate volunteer committees put on innumerable events in their areas, meaning that WaterAid is truly grounded in communities across the UK, helping to get the water and sanitation crisis to the front of people’s minds.”

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