As a WaterAid partner, you’re part of a global movement. A movement to reach everyone everywhere with clean water, decent toilets and good hygiene by 2030.

Talking about your partnership with WaterAid will play a big part in making this happen. Help us tell the world that 663 million people have no clean water to drink and 2.4 billion no decent toilet. And more importantly, what we can all do to end this crisis.

These guidelines will help you:

  • Communicate with your staff and customers about WaterAid.
  • Share your corporate social responsibility (CSR) values.
  • Stay up to date with our latest news.

The information is in bitesize chunks so you can choose the sections most useful to you. New to WaterAid or a long-time supporter, you'll find everything you need in the tabs below.

A personal partnership

In addition to these guidelines, you can also talk to your WaterAid Partnership Manager. They work with WaterAid’s communications department – experts in the media, digital, photo and film, editorial and branding – and can help you communicate our partnership. They can also commission bespoke content from our Voices from the Field team. These stories can help bring your staff and customers closer to the people they are helping.

Every time you talk about WaterAid you help build our brand. Here are some simple guidelines to follow to present our partnership in the best way, so your staff and customers feel good about supporting us.

Top tips

  • Keep it simple. Choose one message and call to action at a time.
  • Use the latest messaging from our website. Use up-to-date facts and figures from 
  • Use the WaterAid logo and colours. They will help staff and customers know you're talking about the partnership.
  • Use WaterAid photos to bring your communications to life. Remember to credit them to ‘WaterAid/ photographer’s name’.
  • Always write WaterAid as one word with an uppercase W and A.

For bigger communications projects, please speak to your WaterAid Partnership Manager.

Use the WaterAid logo

By including our logo on any communications you produce in support of WaterAid, your staff and customers will know you're talking about the partnership.

  • If you have signed a license agreement, you should use the WaterAid logo.
  • If you haven’t signed a licence agreement, you should use the ‘in support of WaterAid’ logo.

Both logos are available in various colours and formats, and can be obtained from your WaterAid Partnership Manager. If placing the logo on a photo or block colour, use the PNG or EPS logos which have a transparent background. EPS is the best format for big resources – like banners. However, you’ll only be able to open it in Illustrator or InDesign.

Leave plenty of space around the logo. At least the same space as the height of the lower case letters.

Wherever you use the logo, include WaterAid’s registered charity numbers in the small print. These are ‘Registration numbers: England and Wales 288701, Scotland SC039479’.

We have lots of great photos and films that bring our work to life. You can use these to show staff and customers why their support is important and thank them.

You can download WaterAid photos from Ask your WaterAid Partnership Manager for anything specific.

Remember to credit WaterAid photos to ‘WaterAid/ photographer’s name’.

We have an ethical photo policy to make sure we are using photos and film in a way that respects the people we work with. Read our blog post about this.

Take your own pictures of your activities in support of WaterAid and share these with your staff and customers. Send copies to your WaterAid Partnership Manager so we can share your support more widely.

Top photography tips

  • Take lots of pictures so you can pick the best ones to publish. Try to get a variety – portrait and landscape, close ups and wider shots that show context.
  • Your photos should tell a story and illustrate your words. Think about how you will use the photos.
  • Think about composition. Remove anything distracting from the shot – like food and drink, or coats and bags.
  • Avoid taking photos in direct sunlight which creates shadows and makes people squint.
  • If people are uncomfortable in front of the camera, ask them to look at each other and have a conversation. This can make your photos look more natural.

Your website and intranet are great places to start talking about your partnership with WaterAid. Tell customers and staff what you’re doing to support WaterAid and how they can donate or get involved. Do you and WaterAid have shared values you could focus on – sustainability, innovation, partnership?

Here are some key messages you could include on your site:

  • We are a proud partner of WaterAid, a charity working to reach everyone everywhere with clean water, proper toilets and good hygiene by 2030.
  • We have been supporting WaterAid since [year] by [activities].
  • The UK water industry created WaterAid in 1981 and remains at the heart of what we do. Today the charity is a global team of experts, working across 38 countries.
  • 663 million people don’t have clean water to drink and 2.4 billion don’t have a proper toilet. This crisis kills almost 900 children a day.
  • Safe water, sanitation and hygiene save lives and have a ripple effect on:
  • Health – By stopping deadly diarrhoea, more children survive. Clean environments help adults stay healthy.

    Education – Healthy children can go to school and concentrate in lessons. Proper toilets at school stop girls dropping out when they get their period.

    Livelihoods – Less time spent fetching water means more time to work. So clean water can transform whole economies.

Other content for your website

Use WaterAid photos and ‘stories from our work’ to bring your WaterAid page to life. Numbers show the scale of the crisis and our impact, but real-life stories show the people behind them.

Link to WaterAid’s social media channels from your WaterAid page. You could embed WaterAid UK’s Twitter feed to give visitors to your site the latest news.

Keep the page updated with stories and photos of how you’re supporting WaterAid.

You could promote the partnership on your homepage, using the WaterAid logo. Or why not link to your WaterAid page from your company email signature.

Use the media

Engaging your local media can be a great way to promote our partnership. It raises awareness of WaterAid's work and gets you positive press.

Send a press release to your local newspapers and contact regional TV and radio stations to promote your fundraising. Template press releases are available upon request from your WaterAid Partnership Manager.

If you need support, talk to your WaterAid Partnership Manager.

Use social media

Promote your WaterAid partnership on your social media channels (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) to show your customers how you’re changing lives and ask them to get involved. Promote the partnership on LinkedIn too and show prospective employees you support WaterAid.

Follow WaterAid’s social media accounts for regular content you can share on your own accounts:

  • Facebook
  • Like WaterAidUK for news, updates and supporter stories.
  • Twitter
  • Follow @WaterAidUK - our main account - for news and updates.
    Follow @WaterAid for global policy, practice and advocacy updates.
    Follow @LauraWaterAid for water industry partnership updates.
  • Instagram
  • Follow @WaterAid for photos and stories from our work.
  • YouTube
  • Subscribe to our WaterAid channel to watch and share our latest films.
  • LinkedIn
  • Follow WaterAid for job updates and corporate news.

Remember, social media is all about two way conversations. Ask your customers for their ideas about how you could support WaterAid together.

Start a WaterAid blog

A blog on your website or intranet keeps customers and staff engaged in the partnership and updated on your fundraising activities.

You could publish a blog post:

  • By a staff member about why they support WaterAid. Post this on your intranet to inspire others.
  • By a senior manager about why the organisation supports WaterAid. Post this on your website to encourage customers to get involved.
  • By a staff member who has been lucky enough to see WaterAid’s work first-hand. This is a good way to take colleagues and customers on the journey with them.

Top tips for writing blogs:

  • Make it personal.
  • Keep it simple with one clear message.
  • Include photos or films.
  • Time them to match key dates like World Water Day.
  • Remember to promote them on social media.

Stats and info

WaterAid's website is the best place to look for:

Our social media accounts are another great way to stay up to date with the latest from WaterAid. Look under the 'media' tab for links to our social media accounts.

Sign up to our newsletters:

  • Oasis – our twice-yearly supporter newsletter
  • Campaign news
  • WASH Matters – policy, practice and advocacy
  • On Tap – our quarterly water industry partnerships e-newsletter

Ask your WaterAid Partnership Manager for a copy of our communications calendar to plan your own communications throughout the year. It has key dates (World Water Day, World Toilet Day and Global Handwashing Day) and details of our communication themes. WaterAid’s communications are focused on two themes a year. Recent themes include maternal health (including our ‘Deliver Life’ campaign), sanitation (‘Toilets Save Lives’) and progress (‘What are you made of?’). Working in this way coordinates our global messaging. It also helps you focus your own communications about the partnership.


Available from your WaterAid Partnership Manager:

  • Logos
  • WaterAid's Annual Report 15/16
  • Press release templates
  • Sponsor forms
  • We're supporting WaterAid posters