Tommy Walsh working on a rainwater harvesting jar for WaterAid

TV presenter Tommy Walsh is working with designers Janet Honour and Patricia Thirion to help build the garden and create a rainwater harvesting jar for our Indian-themed Artisan garden at this year’s Chelsea Flower Show. 

The jar (pictured with Tommy, above) collects water in times of high rainfall - saving it for use in times of water scarcity or when flooding has contaminated ground water sources. Tommy drew on his experience of helping to create a garden at a children's home in New Delhi for the BBC's Ground Force programme in 2001.

India is the inspiration for this year's garden. Over 93 million people in the country are living without access to clean water.

The garden highlights the transformation to people’s lives that can be brought about by access to clean water, improved hygiene and sanitation. In 2011/12 alone, WaterAid reached 536,000 people with water and 353,000 people with sanitation in India.

Tommy said: "I am thrilled to contribute to the design of this year's garden and construction of the rainwater harvesting jar. This simple, but effective technology is essential in ensuring that water is available all year round, something that we all take for granted."

"I have seen for myself how simple solutions like this really do make a huge difference to everyday life and basic survival for families in India - and I hope that visitors to the garden will be inspired to support WaterAid."

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