Glastonbury 2016 volunteer terms and conditions


It is important that you have read and understood these rules before applying to be a WaterAid volunteer at Glastonbury 2016. If you have any questions, please email [email protected]

Terms and conditions

  1. I am over 18.
  2. I have read and understood all of the information supplied alongside the application form and agree to all its requirements.
  3. I have provided details of two referees who are unrelated to me.
  4. I have provided details of two emergency contacts who won't be attending the festival.
  5. I am available from either Tuesday 21 June or Wednesday 22 June (depending on role allocated) to the morning of Monday 27 June inclusive.
  6. I won't drink alcohol while on duty or before any of my shifts. If I am found to be drinking before shifts I will be asked to leave the festival site.
  7. I will not use recreational drugs at any time at the festival. This will be dealt with very seriously by WaterAid and the festival period.
  8. I have confirmed with my employer that I will be on holiday for this period or my employer is donating my time to WaterAid.
  9. I am willing to work the hours over the period of the festival in the shifts which WaterAid allocates.
  10. I am willing to undertake any of the tasks mentioned in the volunteer role descriptions.
  11. I will camp in a designated WaterAid camping area (these areas are restricted so you will be unable to camp with any non-WaterAid volunteer friends).
  12. I will work the shifts allocated to me – approximately six hours a day up to a total of 24 hours – even if they clash with my favourite bands!
  13. I understand I have to provide my own tent and camping equipment and that WaterAid cannot be held responsible for my belongings while at the festival.
  14. I understand space in WaterAid campsites is extremely limited and I agree to bring a small one or two man tent, or share with others.
  15. I will always turn up for my shifts in a fit state to represent WaterAid to members of the public. Failure to do so will mean paying the £300 balance of the ticket and administration costs, and being evicted from the festival site.
  16. If due to unavoidable circumstances I am unable to attend the festival having already committed myself as a volunteer, I will notify WaterAid by 1 June 2016. If I fail to do so by this date then I will make a payment of £300 to WaterAid to cover the cost of my ticket and administration costs.