Just Water rules and FAQs

What do I have to do?

Drink nothing but water for two or four weeks, and raise money for WaterAid.

Why take part?

Just Water is a great healthy way to kick-start the New Year! By taking part in the challenge, you’ll be benefiting your own health and helping to transform the lives of others too. What’s more, drinking just water should leave you feeling happy, healthy and hydrated.

When does it start?

Just Water starts on 4th January, once the festive season is well and truly over! Take on the challenge for four weeks or sign up for two weeks and see how you go!

Can I have a day off? 

Whether it’s a cuppa with your cake, or a dinner date, we know temptation is hard to resist. That’s why we’re giving you the option of a ‘raise-a-glass pass’. Simply donate £15 to your fundraising goal – or get a friend to do it – in exchange for a day (or night!) off.

What can I drink? 

Just Water means cutting out all drinks except for one – water. No booze, coffee or tea, and none of those sugary and fruity drinks! 

OK, so what about sparkling and soda water?

Fizzy is fine – as long as it’s not flavoured, go for it!

What about soup, smoothies and protein shakes?

Here’s the test – do you consider it a meal or a drink?

If the answer is a meal, then fill your boots – we don’t want you to go without! But if the answer is a drink – like a smoothie with your toast in the morning – then you’ll need to swap it for a glass of good old-fashioned water.

Can I put milk on my cereal?

Take our test above. Is it a meal, or is it a drink? We’ll leave the answer up to you...

Can I add anything to my water?

Yes – but only if it’s fresh fruit or herbs in their natural state. No cordial or tea bags allowed!

How do I fundraise for Just Water?

Take your pick!

  • Donate what you’d normally spend on drinks to your fundraising goal.
  • Ask your friends, family and colleagues to sponsor you.
  • Don your creativity cap, or get inspired by the ideas in our Just Water fundraising toolkit.
  • Be a real hero, and do all three!

How do I collect donations?

Set up a JustGiving page and people can sponsor you online. It’s the easiest way to fundraise, and all donations from JustGiving go directly to WaterAid.

We try to encourage all donations to be made online via a JustGiving page however if you prefer to ask for sponsorship offline, download a sponsor form and collect donations in person. Please ask people to fill in a sponsor form if they are donating cash or a cheque so we can claim Gift Aid. Then send in the donations to WaterAid, along with a paying-in form.

Or, if you have a JustGiving page you can also pay in these donations with a debit or credit card via your JustGiving page.

Where does my money go?

All funds raised through Just Water will help some of the world’s poorest communities access safe water and toilets. We aim to reach everyone everywhere with taps and toilets by 2030. Download our fundraising toolkit with more information on how your money could help.

Where do I sign up to Just Water?

You can sign up here – it takes just a few minutes.

Got another question about Just Water? Drop us a line on 0207 793 4594 or [email protected] and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.