Whether you're running, cycling or trekking for WaterAid, we've got all the free resources you need to take on your challenge and raise lots of life-changing cash.

Training tips

Matt is Team #FinishThirst's very own road runner. He's taken on lots of challenges from marathon to WaterAid's Tough Sh!t. With training he's made every mistake in book, but learnt a lot along the way.

WaterAid's Matt Smith

Here are his top five tips on preparing for your event or challenge:
  1. Every second counts: think about time rather than distance. Minutes and seconds, not miles or kilometres! Your pace will naturally improve.
  2. Get out there even if you have a 15 minute window – getting out for a short run is better than no run at all.
  3. Good trainers are really worth it, you’ll look natty and avoid injury.
  4. Wobble don’t hobble – know the difference between being sore and feeling pain (you can still run if you’re beat up, but be honest with yourself if you’ve picked up an injury).
  5. Have fun! What makes training fun for you? Whether it’s your own soundtrack, your best bud or favourite place (mine’s Battersea Park in London). 

Fundraising resources

Ideas from fellow fundraisers

Becky's quiz

Organise a quiz night

"I would definitely recommend a pub quiz. It’s really easy to organise and it’s a great way to introduce people to WaterAid!"

Becky from Edinburgh University
Sarah's wine and cheese night

Wine and cheese tasting

”Everyone really enjoyed their evening and by turning our cheese and wine into water I raised £98!”

Sarah from Edinburgh

Emma and Lauren

Organise a cake sale

”We felt so proud knowing that each £2 cake could buy one metre of pipe to bring safe, clean water to a community Ethiopia.”

Emma and Lauren from WaterAid

Ready to get fit, have fun and make a difference?