In loving memory of

Sadie Violet Crouch née Horsham

1920 – 2009

From her son and daughter-in-law Michael and Margaret.

In loving memory of

Trich Whitaker

Trich did not like the thought of thousands of children dying from a lack of clean water in Africa.

In loving memory of

Roy Edward Gough

14/05/1925 - 05/02/2013

Much loved & missed by daughter Karen, her husband Stuart & grandson James , family & friends.

The thought of people going without access to clean water saddened him deeply...

In loving memory of

Khalid Sheriff


“When a person dies, their good deeds come to an end except three: ongoing charity,

beneficial knowledge, and righteous offspring who will pray for them."

Remembering the smile of

Patricia (McConnell) Jones

8th September 1949 – 19th March 2015

Wish I had met her sooner so I could have loved her longer

Love you babe

Steven xxx

In memory of

Sue White

A passionate supporter of WaterAid, Sue spent years of her life as a hydrologist working in underdeveloped countries.

In memory of

Peter White

Peter was proud of the work his daughter Sue did and fully supported her involvement with WaterAid.

In loving Memory of

Rita Ellen Gingell

A kind-hearted person who cared about everyone having clean-water.

Forever in our hearts.

Donations in memory of

Madeleine Ann Elizabeth Dowie

Died 15 April 2015

“A woman of faith, courage and dignity. Beautiful wife, loving mother, faithful friend.” Proverbs 3 vs 5 and 6

In memory of

Ruth Johnson


A truly Christian Mum, Grandma and Gran. Growing up without running water she knew the difference WaterAid makes in peoples lives.

In memory of

Tobi Stephen Cutmore

18.3.2013 - 2.3.2015

We miss you more than words can say. Love Always, Mummy, Daddy & Abi. xXx

In memory of

Patricia Denney

1935 - 2015

A loving wife, mother and gran who would listen to others troubles but never mention her own.

Donations in memory of

Ann Mary Eyers

1965 - 2015

Each measured moment, natural minute, forms a lifetime. Somewhere in it winds will whip and form a wave top, born to kiss a shore.

In memory of

Robin William Hannah

1929 – 2015

A uniquely talented wonderful man. Forever in our hearts. Your loving wife Glenys & family.             

In memory of

Geoff Wright, civil engineer.

Worked nationally and internationally to bring clean water to people – his passion!

In memory of

Mr John David Black

A true gentleman, loving husband and father who always thought of others before himself

John was a civil engineer in the water industry who cared that people had clean water and adequate sewerage.

In loving in memory of

Peter Smith,

1933 - 2015,

A loving and compassionate man who always thought of others. It upset him to see those suffering and lacking a basic and life saving need of clean water.

He is loved and missed very much.

Money given in loving memory of

Dr Alan Tuberfield,

died September 2014 at his Thanks Giving service, Cambridge,

17 October 2014

Daniel Gwynfryn Jones


A true gentleman who always thought of others before himself. A passionate supporter of clean water for everyone.


John Cornish Ruddock

A truly humble and generous gentleman

Nora Fawcett

1924 -2014

Such a warm, loving and inspirational person, who gave generously and always did what she could to alleviate the suffering of others

Jacqueline Buckle


We have clean water, everyone should

Inspired by action

Loving remembered, and adored

To a true gentleman

Adam Dean

Always in our hearts

David and Angi Cooney 2014

In memory of

Sylvia Mary Hookham

A loving mother and friend to many; an exuberant life well lived.

“Life is measured in depth – not length” – Sylvia

In loving memory of

Dennis Bird


who supported Water aid and the Environment and was passionate that every Child around the world should have the access to clean drinking water. God Bless x

In loving memory of

Margaret Isobel Garlick

11 April 1949 – 16 August 2014

A passionate supporter of WaterAid.

In loving memory of

Mr Douglas Pryke

Douglas Pryke gave joy. He thought everyone deserved to have clean water. Taken from us to soon, all loved him.

In loving memory of

Joan Bealey

1919 - 2014

She will be greatly missed by her family and friends at St Martin’s Church, Worle.

In loving memory of

Maxwell Frederick Alan Bradley

Talented, loving, handsome, compassionate. It distressed Max that people suffered because they had no clean water. Gone but not forgotten

In loving memory of

Mary Elizabeth Bowler

A truly inspirational Mum & Gran who gave and gave and gave again– inspiring others to do the same

In loving memory of

Ena Phillips

A remarkable lady who lived to be 101.

Generous and caring throughout her long life, she wholeheartedly supported WaterAid

In memory of

Pamala Aphra Hiney

10 Dec 1926 – 25 Aug 2014

 For more than sixty four years the precious and beloved wife of James Hiney

In memory of

Ronald Henry Davies

Ron loved life but also had a heart of love for those less fortunate. He gave himself for others.

In loving memory of

Clive Crawford

Clive’s concern for the hardship suffered by African people, especially the children, began in 1952 when he worked in Nigeria.

In memory of

Ian Mack

A much loved Husband, Father and Papa. A charitable man who always helped others

In loving memory of

Jane Elizabeth Kelley

The most beautiful mother, wife sister and friend who never stopped giving

In memory of

John Hollobon.

Loving Husband to Elaine, Father to Richard & Pippa, Grandfather to Samuel & Matthew.

Always loved, always remembered.

12.07.1929 ~ 24.08.2014

In memory of

Sheila Tuckkett,

wife and mother,

from her family Michael, Robert, John and Alison.

In memory of

Ken Adams

A great Dad, Grandad, friend and engineer with a passion for ensuring clean water for all.

Much missed.

In memory of

Lee Cooney

After his accidental death Lee would be please that his passing will now provide clean water to disadvantaged communities

Mr Kevin Cooney

In memory of

Natalia Sorby (Nee Datskaya)

A kind and caring person who thought of others more than herself

Mr D Sorby

Remembering with love

David Mark Lees

Always in my thoughts son, Forever in my heart.

All my love – Mum xx’

In memory of

Jean Margaret Wade

Love you always, always love you.

From the Kids and Barney.

Remembering Bryan…

Loving husband of 61 years.

Devoted Dad, Grandad and Great Grandad.

Died June 21st 2014.

Sadly missed.

In loving memory of

Tanya Joanne Kamau

Tanya lived in Kenya for several years and was aware of water difficulties.

She loved the people and the country

In memory of

Ludwika Lacheka


Much loved mother, wife and grandmother. She cared so much for those who had less than her.

In memory of

Gwen Mottram

Who cared so much for others, and who is greatly missed by her family.

In memory of

Frank Morley

21 April 1943 - 16 March 2014 

Frank loved water for swimming, sailing, showering and felt great compassion for those unable to access a safe water supply.

In memory of

John Derek Thompson


He gave great happiness to those around him and would be delighted for everyone to have access to clean, lifegiving water.

In memory of

Andrew Staite

Andrew you will always be loved and remembered. You loved people, animals and the environment. You were one of life’s givers.

In memory of

Norman Jack Newstead

A dear and loving husband and father, will be sadly missed by wife Grace and son Trevor.

In memory of

Canon Leslie Virgo 1925 – 2013

But let justice roll down like waters, and righteousness like an ever-flowing stream. Amos 5:24.

In memory of

Peter Wilson Bishop

A lovely friend and family man Always gentle and kind with great wisdom Loved by all who knew him.

In loving memory of

a truly bright star Alka Damania

Described by thousands as a beautiful person both inside and out. She was considered a best friend by many people including her close friends and family. She touched many lives by dedicating her love, time and money with joy. She was an avid Water Aid supporter. We all miss her.

In memory of

David John Elam

A loving husband and father who was passionate in his belief of universal access to clean water and sewerage systems

In loving memory of

Ian Malcolm Kay

Thank you for 51 wonderful years. You will always live on in some clean water.

My love Ian, from Beryl

In loving memory of

Christopher Courtauld (1934-2014)

Loving husband and father, who cared deeply about the vital work of WaterAid.

In loving memory of

Zoe Thomason

'From the holiest human to the richest; from the martyr to the dictator: all humans are over 70% water.

Let us never forget that our need for water binds all living things on the planet in a common destiny.'

In loving memory of

my husband Alastair Grant

who regularly supported WaterAid

Loved by all.

In loving memory of

Anil Patel – "Sam"

Humble & selfless. Forgiving & caring.

He never took but always gave.

Special son, brother & human being.

God Bless.

In memory of

Alan Joseph Deveney, long time supporter of WaterAid

‘Can you imagine a life without clean water?’

In memory of

John Mikroyannidis, a Chemistry professor,

Loved teaching, loved his family.

He was great at both jobs.

- Eleni’s Mancunian gang

In Memory of

John Ayers

civil engineer and listed buildings expert who believed that everyone should have access to safe, clean water.

In memory of

Alka Damania

An inspirational friend with a passion for life and remarkable generosity of spirit.

A truly beautiful person.

In memory of

Brian Hallam 1939 – 2003

In remembrance of his time in Kenya at the Homa Bay School 1968 – 1970.

In memory of

Anne Heather French

1935 – 18 Feb 2014

Thank You for my home for 4 years – Bliss


In memory of

Sally Wells

1947 – 2014

From friends and family

In memory of

Lucy Sheasby

A dear friend and colleague. She made a real difference to people's lives. R.I.P.

In memory of

Dennis Michael Traynor 1946 – 2013

A wonderful caring, loving husband, brother, uncle and friend. Always thinking of others.

In memory of

Barbara Muriel Keely (nee Bray)

6/08/1927 to 21/11/2013

Her support for WaterAid was in recognition that clean drinking water was of prime importance for human health and happiness.

In memory of

Dorothy Jacobs (1924-2014)

From family and friends.

She wanted everyone to benefit from clean water and to live without the fear of water borne disease.


In memory of

Catherine and Joe

who made the world a better place.

From both their families.

In memory of

David Stewart (1974-2013)

Much loved husband, dad, son, brother, uncle and friend. David completed walks for WaterAid.

In memory of

Esme Rosehill

Small in stature, big hearted in friendship. Always thinking of others and supporting charities, her favourite being WaterAid.

In memory of

Jac Shuffley

£855 was raised in memory of Jac Shuffley towards WaterAid – a charity that was close to his heart. Thanks all!

In memory of

Pat Ollier

a special lady with a loving heart, who supported this charity.

Donated by family and friends in fond memory of

Vi Hudson (1919 - 2013)

for a cause close to her heart

In memory of

Kathleen Hodgson


A unique and inspirational lady. Missed by her family and many friends

In memory of

Robert Charles Brookes (Bob)

11/10/43 – 01/07/13

A wonderful husband and father

John Chapter 4 Verse 14

In memory of

Enid Beckwith

You were my strength and inspiration

Thank you for your love and care all these years.

In memory of

Molly Pownall (1920-2013)

Much loved Mother, Grandmother and Great Grandmother. Molly was married for 42 years to Raymond Pownall,

Chief Engineer and Manager of the Bucks Water Board.

She was a keen supporter of WaterAid for many years.

In memory of

Malcolm Bailey

A uniquely talented and wonderful man, always in our thoughts. With all our love always.

From his family, friends and colleagues.

In memory of

Pamela Fry

Who strongly believed clean water was everyone's basic right. Forever in our hearts.

In memory of

Savan Rohit Shah

Who dreamed of designing and building water systems for developing countries.

In memory of

Kevin Power

His life was lived in the loving care of all he made contact with.

In loving memory of

Stephen Andrew Seddon

Who always supported a vision where everyone in the world had clean water.

In loving memory of

Peter Griffiths

A kind and caring man who worked tirelessly for Welsh Water.

WaterAid was a charity that was close to his heart.

In loving memory of

Jim Tootill

"Served the LORD with Gladness"

A calling fulfilled among family and God's people teaching, visiting, sharing and WaterAid.

We give thanks

In loving memory of

Stephen Lancaster

Environmental issues and social justice were key concerns to Stephen.

This water pump is such a fitting memorial to him.

In loving memory of

Ivy Harrington

She greatly admired WaterAid's work worldwide and gave it her wholehearted support.

In loving memory of

Allan Gibson McCulloch

"Lang mae yer lumb reek."

You will always be with me.

In memory of

Richard (Dick) Edward Fisher 1925-2013

A true gentleman who loved and cared for those he knew and those he had never met.

Leslie Oldham

A generous man when he saw others in need. Rest in peace.

Your spirit still lives on.

Don't cry because it's over, smile because it's happened.

In loving memory of

Wendy Hallmark 

who gave so much to those with so little.

In loving memory of

my nan, Beryl Gibbs

Who was a keen supporter of WaterAid

Keeping the memories alive.

In loving memory of

Enid Lilian Jumont

1921 – 2012

Remembering fondly a dear Mum, Gran, Great Gran and friend.

In loving memory of

Tim Oakes

A well lived life, by a man who wanted the same opportunities for everyone on the planet. x.

In loving memory of

Cliff Hunter

Who through his work lived/travelled in Africa and the Middle East, and appreciated the importance of clean water and sanitation.

In loving memory of

Malcolm Brookes


Who spent 33 years mending water pipes in the UK and supported WaterAid

In loving memory of

Mr David Paterson

You can’t do much without water!

In loving memory of

Mrs Beryl Elizabeth Adams

Beryl Adams, my wife, loved every living thing and all that gives that life.

Clean water is the greatest gift.

In loving memory of 

Edith Eveline Mackonochie

You were my strength and inspiration.

Thank you for all your love and care over so many years.

In loving memory of 

Jeramdas Dullabhbhai Bulsara (1913-1963) & Ramiben Jeramdas Bulsara (1914-1994)

May god give peace to your souls.

Your memory will always be with us,

Ratilal, Manjula, Mukesh, Bina, Yogesh, Vivek & Dhilan.

Loving memory


Engineer, had worked in Africa, campaigned to the end for a more humane world.

Shantaben Maganlal Chouhan

Water is an essential gift of life. Shantaben's last wish was to give life to other's around the world.

In loving memory of

Dorothy Smith, mother of Barbara and Peter

We miss her.

In Memory of

Frederick Ward

Fred was a great believer in saving water due to his time in the desert in WWII.

In loving memory of

Saj Sabir

Saj, you are such a special part of my life. I love you always.

In loving memory of

Angus Goodwille

Remembered by family and friends

In loving memory of

Matt Goodman

4 June 1971 – 21 February 2013

A modest, gentle and kind man, who always had a listening ear and a mischievous giggle. Good on ya Matt for making us aware of WaterAid. We love you.

In loving memory of

Hannah Rose Elledge

Hannah, 21, an undergraduate at Nottingham University was, whilst studying in the USA, killed in a road accident. Her endeavour, ambition and love of life will remain with her Family and Friends.

In loving memory of

Martin Simmonds

Martin believed that the environment was the most pressing political and social issue, and was a long-time supporter of WaterAid. Since his tragic and untimely death on 31 January 2013, he has been sorely missed by his wife Morna, his family and his friends. He will always be in our hearts.

In loving memory of

Professor Peter Haskell

Peter worked for almost 50 years to eradicate pests and disease in less developed countries, and valued WaterAid’s essential contribution.

In loving memory of

David Wilson

Our lovely husband, father, brother, grandfather and friend. A man of true quality who believed in the transforming effects of science and effort.

In loving memory of

Derek Charles Sydney Groves

Jesus answered, "Whoever drinks the water I give them will never thirst".

In loving memory of

Teddy Wilmot-Morgan OBE

Water engineer – secured Hong Kong's water supply in sustained drought.

Loving husband and family man.

Our gift to WaterAid is a tribute to 

Albert Francis Lloyd (Dave)

From his wife Jean, his family and friends

In loving memory of 

Kim White

Wonderful wife, mother, sister, granny, great-granny auntie and friend

In loving memory of 

Esther Childress 

Died Dec 2012 aged 14.

She raised money for WaterAid and longed to see everyone have clean water.

In loving memory of a beautiful soul

Brenda List (nee Mitchell)

Loving mother of My Loves – My Life...Sharon, Janet & Gary

Devoted to all her family

Every child should have access to clean water.

Peter Tait

worked overseas where water was a life saving commodity.

Women walked miles just for one bucket.

In loving Memory of

Maria Concetta Notarianni

A beautiful human being who always put children first.

In Memory of

Marjorie May Alice Thompson

Who believed WaterAid is one of the most important of all charities

In memory of

Hugh Carroll (1947 - 2012)

A much loved husband, dad, grandad, father-in-law, brother, brother-in-law, uncle and friend.

Hugh strongly believed that everyone should have access to clean and safe water and was an admirer of the work undertaken by WaterAid xxx

In memory of

Brenda Marchant

Much loved mum, granny, great-granny and friend.

She believed everyone should have access to clean water.

In memory of

Billy Minter

Billy worked for Thames Water for over 30 years and understood the importance of clean water for all.

In Memory of

Clare Jones

She believed that all the people of the World should have access to clean water.

Our gift is a tribute to

Ivy Booth of Apperknowle

Loving mother, grandmother, great grandmother and friend whose middle name was – kindness.

In memory of

Michael Box

whose working life was devoted to providing clean water.

In memory of

Vera Mildred Jackson

Much loved wife of Eric and mother to Stuart and Elizabeth.

A longtime supporter of WaterAid.

In Memory of

Tim Oakes

Our "mountain-man" and loving dad. Tragically taken from us on 28 September in the Nepal air crash.

In Memory of

Tony Power

A caring man who would give his last penny to those in need,

even though he had very little himself.

In memory of

Mr. Thomas Howell Bevan

Pencoed, Menai Bridge. March 1917 - March 2014.


In memory of

Addie, with love.

Brian, Mia, Daniel, Kat, Mark, Jenny, Jimmy, Chris, Mary, Sally, Neil, Paul, Sue, Julie & Jim.