Do you want to have a great time with your mates while doing your bit to transform the world? Look no further than WaterAid’s not-your-bog-standard Comedy Quiz.

Everyone enjoys a good quiz, so whether you’re a pub-quiz novice or you think you know your sh!t, we’ve made it easy pee-sy for you to organise your own night of quizzery to celebrate World Toilet Day.

Round up your friends, family, colleagues or community and get cracking. By hosting a quiz night you’ll be helping to raise money as well as awareness of the 2.3 billion people who live without access to a safe toilet.

Fill in the quick form below to get the resources and information you need to organise a great quiz, including:

  • your simple three-step guide 
  • promotional posters
  • some great rounds of bog-based questions to start you off!

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