Leave a gift in your will and create a ripple of opportunity and hope for all future generations with a gift of water, sanitation and hygiene. 

Why should I write a will?

Without a will, your estate will be divided according to the law, which may not be the way you wish your money and possessions to be distributed. So it’s important that you make a will with the help of a solicitor to ensure your last wishes are met.

Do I need a solicitor to write my will?

It is always best to use a solicitor or to have a solicitor check a will you have drawn up, to make sure it is legally valid and will have the effect you want.

How do I choose a solicitor?

Whilst WaterAid cannot recommend a solicitor, The Law Society can help you find a one in your area. For more information please call 020 7242 1222 or visit

How much does a will cost?

The cost of writing a will varies depending on how complicated it is. You can ask several solicitors what they charge before making your decision.

In partnership with WaterAid, The Co-operative offers a discounted will-writing rate of £100.

To receive your discount code please call John Sharp on 020 7793 4594 or email [email protected]

What should I include in my will?

It’s worth considering what you want to include in your will before seeing a solicitor.

You should consider:
  • What money and belongings do you have? For example property, savings, pensions, insurance policies and bank accounts.
  • Who do you want to remember in your will? List all of the family members, friends and causes you care about.  
  • Who would you like to be your executor? That's the person who will carry out your wishes in your will.

I’ve already made a will. Do I need to make a new one?

If you already have a will and would like to make some changes, you do not need to make a new will. Instead you can add a codicil to your will and send it to your solicitor. A codicil is a document which allows you to make changes or additions to an existing will and must be read in conjunction with it.

Download a codicil form ( PDF File 334KB) >

What if I need to change my will?

That’s okay – we understand that circumstances can change. You can change the content of your will at any time. We will never pressure you to tell you us whether you have left WaterAid a gift in your will, though of course we’ll always be delighted to hear from you, so we can say thank you.

What kind of a gift could I leave to WaterAid?

There are three types of gifts you can leave in your will:

  • A share of your estate – a 'residuary legacy'. This is a percentage of your estate after all other gifts and expenses have been paid. These gifts are very important to us as they usually maintain their value or increase over time. This also means you're less likely to need to amend it in the future. 
  • A specific sum – a 'pecuniary legacy'. This is a gift of a set amount of money. 
  • A specific item – This could be something valuable such as an antique, painting, property or shares.

What about inheritance tax?

If you leave a gift to WaterAid in your will, it will not be included when valuing your estate for Inheritance Tax purposes. The value of your gift will be deducted from your estate before Inheritance Tax is applied.

As Inheritance tax rules can change, it is always best to discuss your will and the types of gifts you might like to leave with your solicitor.

How to word your will

It's really straightforward to include a gift to WaterAid in your will. All you have to do is give your solicitor our registered address and charity numbers.

Address: WaterAid, 47-49 Durham Street, London, SE11 5JD

Our registered charity numbers are 288701 (England and Wales) and SC039479 (Scotland).

That's it. Your solicitor will do the rest, so it really couldn't be easier.

Examples of legal wording when making a will

If you’ve decided you want to remember WaterAid in your will you can take the following wording to your solicitor. They will make sure your will is valid and that your wishes are followed.

Residuary bequest (a share of your estate)

My bequest to WaterAid of the residual estate (or a proportion of) - a residuary or percentage legacy "Subject to the payment of my debts, funeral and testamentary expenses, I give the whole (residuary) or ______% of my estate not otherwise disposed of by this my Will to WaterAid (Registered charity numbers 288701 (England and Wales) and SC039479 (Scotland)) of 47-49 Durham Street, London SE11 5JD, for the general purposes of WaterAid and I declare that the receipt of their Treasurer or other proper officer shall be a full and sufficient discharge.”

Pecuniary bequest (a specific sum of money)

My bequest to WaterAid for a set sum - a pecuniary legacy "I give free of tax to WaterAid (Registered charity numbers 288701 (England and Wales) and SC039479 (Scotland)) of 47-49 Durham Street, London, SE11 5JD, the sum of £______ for the general purposes of WaterAid and I declare that the receipt of their Treasurer or other proper officer shall be a full and sufficient discharge."

If you need further advice on creating your will please refer to these sources or call Maddy to discuss.

To find solicitors in your area please refer to The Law Society

The Citizens Advice website offers advice on creating a will and why it is important. 

HMRC website explains the basics of inheritance tax

The Gov.Uk site provides an overview on creating a will

To find out more about making a will visit Remember a Charity