Our vision is a world filled with healthy, happy families, who can simply turn on a tap to get safe, clean water and have somewhere decent to go to the toilet. 

Before safe, clean water arrived in Orke Otta's village in Ethopia she walked for over four hours a day to collect parasite ridden, dirty water. As a mother of seven children she knew the water could make them chronically ill but had no choice. Due to support from people like you, WaterAid has helped her village have a borehole and she is optimistic for the future:

 "Previously, I worried about giving water from the river to my children because they might get ill with water-borne diseases. But now I am very happy to give this clean water to the children".

We won't stop until every community, every family, every single person has safe water to drink and somewhere safe to go to the toilet – that is why gifts in wills are so crucial to our work, and so valued. They ensure that our life-changing work, providing essential safe water, can continue for generations to come. 

The future we want, and we believe you'd like too, is one where we can all look back and be astonished that people didn't have clean water to drink or somewhere safe and private to go to the toilet.

A gift in your will can help that day arrive sooner. So that in the future every child, no matter where they are born, will only ever know the joy of safe water. We hope you will think about leaving a gift to WaterAid in your will.

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