Sustainability is key in ensuring that vital water and sanitation services are available for generations to come.

You can be sure that your investment will support the vital structures needed to ensure that water and sanitation services are built and managed for the long term.

We work with local partners to deliver appropriate, affordable technologies that meet the needs of the local communities. The communities are involved from the very start, from the design, to the implementation and the ongoing management, they are vital to ensuring the functionality of projects.

We build the skills, knowledge and capacity of community members so that they have real ownership of the services. In addition, we set up management structures to oversee the ongoing maintenance of the installations. They are also responsible for setting and collecting service user fees. This income is then used for any repair work required and also to pay the salary of trained pump attendants.

We also work to build the skills and capability of local governments, service providers and our local partners so they can carry on the work in the longer term.

You can read more about our sustainability reports and framework here.

For more information, or to discuss any element of our sustainability work please contact us.