International Schools

Support from schools has gone global! The international school community is joining forces in support of WaterAid's work!

The New English School’s most successful year yet!

The New English School in Kuwait have supported WaterAid since 2008, raising a staggering amount for WaterAid projects in Zambia. This year they have raised £22,553.26 – their most successful year ever, making their total a whopping £146,935.67.

Over the years, the school have tried their hand at lots of different activities, from coin tossing competitions, to doughnut days and sponsored walks. Mr Kenny Melvin, Head of Year 6, tells us how the school’s fundraising success began 9 years ago;

"As part of our topic on water, Year 6 watched a BBC series in which mention was made of WaterAid. As so many people live without safe water we felt inspired to support WaterAid leading up to United Nations World Water Day in March.

"Each year group watched WaterAid's short film Water for Life. The Year 4 children were so moved by the scenes of poverty, in a country where bottled water is the norm it was hard for them to imagine children drinking from muddy pools."

One of the many wonderful stories from the school’s efforts over the years is Mrs Nicholson's class of 7 year olds. While bringing in coins for their ‘coin bottle’, the children asked if they could also bring in paper money. A couple of the children anonymously popped some notes into an old brown envelope they found on their teacher's desk. When Mrs Nicholson found the cash surprise, they called it the magic envelope which produces money on an almost daily basis...over £800 so far!

Mr Melvin tells us; “the wonderful thing about it is how excited the children get when I pop down to see if the envelope has magically produced some more! The children are truly thrilled to give and are very aware of who the money is for. And many of the donations are done anonymously.”

We are so proud of New English School’s fundraising efforts for WaterAid over the years, and would like to thank everyone involved - your efforts have transformed lives in Zambia. 

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