Shree Bhanu Primary School, Nepal

Our Communications Officer in Nepal, Mani Karmacharya, visits Shree Bhanu, where a new handpump has been installed and construction of a new toilet block is under way.

I'm delighted to share the amazing progress that has been made at Shree Bhanu Primary School over the past month. The pupils have gone from having no water at school at all, to having a handpump with safe, clean water to drink! Brand new toilets will also be constructed over the next couple of months.

Meet the staff and pupils

Sabita Kumari Yadav and Ritu Kumari Shah

Sabita Kumari Yadav and Ritu Kumari Shah at Shree Bhanu Primary School
Sabita Kumari Yadav, left, and Ritu Kumari Shah, right.
Photo: WaterAid/Mani Karmacharya

When there was no water, 12-year-old Sabita did not feel like going to school. "In the rainy season, the paths were very muddy but we had no water to wash our hands and feet. In the summer when it's very warm, we were very thirsty after we played at break times, so we had to leave the school and go to nearby homes to drink water. This used to take a while so we missed classes too," she says.

"But now water is available at school we don't have to go anywhere!"

10-year-old Ritu is pleased a new toilet block will mean the school's surroundings will be cleaner. "Once the toilets are ready, we will no longer pollute the environment," she says.

Raunak Karna

Devendra Kumar Mahato, left, and Rounak Karna, right, look at the new bio sand filter at Shree Bhanu School.
Debendra Kumar Mahato, left, and Rounak Karna, right, look at the school's new bio sand filter.
Photo: WaterAid/Mani Karmacharya

Raunak Karna is impressed with the school's new bio sand filter, which is made of locally available materials such as sand and gravel which trap sediment and pathogens.

"Today I saw the bio sand filter in our school and I learned how it worked! I drank the water from the filter and it doesn't smell. I'm happy I no longer have to go to neighbouring houses to drink water. It's much easer and I will not miss classes," says 10-year-old Raunak.

Rodan Devi Yadav

Rodan Devi Yadav, teacher at Shree Bhanu School, Nepal.
50-year-old Rodan Devi Yadav is a teacher at Shree Bhanu School.
Photo: WaterAid/Mani Karmacharya

Teacher Rodan says the new handpump and the ongoing construction of the new toilet blocks has improved the school's reputation in the village. "People have started asking me if they can bring their child to our school for admission," she explains.

Just gaining access to water has had a positive impact on pupils. "The students are very happy and tell me they don't have to leave school to drink water. Hearing things like this from students is very satisfying, and it's great to see students that are happy in school," she says.

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