Your incredible support means life at St Paul Primary School in rural Madagascar is about to be transformed with safe water.

St Paul Primary School is in the rural village of Fenoarivo in the Central Highlands of Madagascar, and is around 130km away from the nearest town. Most of the pupils come from families who rely on farming for a living.

Currently, the school’s two teachers and 150 pupils have no access to safe water after 11am, leaving many students unable to concentrate in class.

And with nowhere to wash their hands, there’s a constant risk of diseases spreading.

Sadly, the staff and pupils here are not alone. Across Madagascar, 48% of the population do not have access to safe water, and 88% of people do not have a safe, private place to go to the toilet.

Meet Pa

At school, six-year-old Pa enjoys reading and learning to write. During break times he plays football with his friends using a ball made with plastic bags.

“In my school we don’t drink because we don’t have any water,” says Pa.

Pa at school
Six-year-old Pa tries to concentrate in class.

“I can’t bring water to school because my family only has one plastic bottle, and my mother needs it to buy oil at the market. I am often thirsty and sleepy in class.”

At home, Pa collects water three or four times a day. The journey makes him very tired, and he knows the water isn’t safe to drink.

“Looking for firewood and fetching water are my main daily chores,” he says. “The water is not very clean. I’ve already had diarrhoea. My parents gave me medicine.”

Meet Fara

10-year-old Fara’s best friend is her sister. They both love looking after their youngest sister together. Like Pa, they collect water three or four times a day, from a source very far away.

Fara, student at St Paul Primary School, Madagascar10-year-old Fara in class.

Fara normally has to wait until after school to drink water, which she finds difficult during the dry season when it’s very hot.

“I would love to have water here in our village,” she says. “If we had water, we would no longer have to wait and we would be able to drink water at school.”

A transformation

Thanks to schools like yours, we have big plans for the staff and pupils at St Paul school.

With the help of our partners in Madagascar, your fundraising will help us provide access to safe water and build a new toilet block and handwashing station at the school, transforming daily life and everyone’s experience of learning.

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