Life at St Paul Primary has been transformed with access to safe water, taps and toilets.

Thanks to schools like yours, we’ve worked with local partners to install a gravity-flow system in the school’s village – perfect for its mountainous surroundings.

And with a brand new toilet and shower block and a handwashing station, things will never be the same again at St Paul Primary.

See the difference you've made as part of the Schools Linking Project:

“Life here is so different”

When we first met Pa he had to collect water three or four times a day – even though he knew the water wasn’t safe to drink and made him unwell.

But with access to safe water at school, Pa has the chance to learn, play, laugh and truly enjoy growing up.

“Going to school is now better than staying at home!” says Pa. “I can drink clean water and even have a shower after playing sport.”

“Now I don’t have to fetch water far away from school, I have more time to learn my lessons and spend time with my friends.”

Pa uses the new handwashing station at St Paul Primary, Madagascar.Pa uses the new handwashing station at St Paul Primary School.

The arrival of clean water also means pupils will no longer be tired and thirsty at school, and will be able to concentrate better in class.

“Since we’ve had safe water, life here is so different,” says St Paul Primary’s headteacher Fernand.

“Having water in our school is a huge advantage for the children, because they’re cleaner, happier and our teachers are able to teach correctly.”

Fernand, headteacher at St Paul PrimarySt Paul Primary's headteacher Fernand is delighted safe water has arrived at his school.

If you’d like to continue fundraising this academic year, or if your students want to follow the transformation at schools like St Paul Primary, please email Katy Hall, Community Fundraising Officer, at

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