Kids take part in the Pupil Pipeline challenge
Thank you for signing your school up to join the Pupil Pipeline challenge. This fun and educational activity will inspire your pupils to get clean water to children who need it most.

Taking part is easy! All you need to do is:

  • Ask your pupils to bring in £2 or a donation of their choice. £2 is the cost of one metre of pipeline, which could help transport clean, safe water to children in the developing world. £250 from your school could pay for a handpump!
  • Gather your pupils together and direct them to form a long line. They can go through the playground, over the climbing frame, across the playing field or even around town. Try to make your Pupil Pipeline as long as possible!
  • Start your Pupil Pipeline challenge! Ask your pupils to pass one or more buckets, bottles, jars, cups or even wellies filled with water along the line without spilling a drop. How quickly can they pass it along? You can then use the water for a project of your choice – for example, watering the plants in your school garden. Or you could include a Pupil Pipeline in your school sports day and add a competitive edge!

What the Pupil Pipeline achieved last year:

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You'll find everything else you need to organise your Pupil Pipeline below. Good luck!

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