A decent toilet is something everyone should be able to take for granted – it’s a basic human right that 2.3 billion people still live without.

This term, help your pupils learn about why toilets are so vital with our fun and engaging Super Toilet and Stool Wars animation series, lesson plan and activity sheet.

Can your class design their very own sanitation superhero, or even write episode four of the Super Toilet series?

Toilets save lives

Most of us wouldn't think our toilets are life-savers. They just make life a bit more comfortable and convenient, right?

Well, think of life without one and it's easier to see their importance – imagine the mess, the smell, the germs... let alone the embarrassment.

Unbelievably, that's the reality for one in three people around the world who don't have access to a proper toilet. Without them, they're forced to go out in the open, which can spread deadly diseases.

Use our free resources below to get your class talking toilets.

Be a sanitation superhero