HistoryUse our curriculum-linked resources to go back 150 years to when the first modern sewer opened in Britain.

Children use the Water Resource This term, we celebrate the anniversary of the UK’s modern day sewerage system. It helped to eliminate water-related diseases, and marked the beginning of universal access to toilets and taps in the UK.

The Big History Project will introduce your pupils to this story and get them digging into the history of taps and toilets in their local area. Use the links on the right to download the resources.

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These activities will also encourage children to reflect on the fact that millions of people are still living without access to a loo today but, as our history shows, it doesn’t have to be this way. 

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Email them to bighistory@wateraid.orgor call Rebecca Owen on 020 7793 4478. Good luck!

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The Big History Project map

The Big History Project map

Use our interactive map to find out where to go to start your research into the history of taps and toilets across the UK.

The River Thames, London

Life without taps and toilets

Find out what life was like just 150 years ago, when communities in the UK were living without clean water and safe toilets.