Seven ways you can turn the world blue this World Water Day

Water is a basic human right. But around the world, it's still a necessity millions of people live without.

This World Water Day you can help change things by going #Blue4Water - and there are oh so many ways to do it.

First thing's first? Turn your profile picture this lovely shade of blue: 

All done? Now join people around the globe finding their own unique way to go #Blue4Water and spread the message to your friends, family, workmates and beyond!

Here are some of the best, bluest and wackiest ways we’ve come across so far:

1. Paint yourself blue

If – like Estrela – going blue in the virtual world isn’t enough for you, fetch your face paints! 

Estrela painted blue
Estrela from water company Mott McDonald shows her dedication to the cause.

2. Blue clothes make quite the splash too

Wear a Smurf costume to the office, rock double denim to school and get your friends, family and work mates to join in too.

#WorldWaterDay in Cross of Armenian Unity. Today CAU staff wears blue. #blue4water #savethwather

A photo posted by Cross of Armenian Unity NGO (@cau_ngo) on

3. Accessorise, accessorise, accessorise!

From a navy blue wig to a bit of cyan lippy, never underestimate the importance of an accessory or two.

Our new YouTube ambassador George Benson has got in on the act too and will be going blue in his own special way. Watch this space.

4. Get on your blue suede shoes and party!

Continue your World Water Day celebrations into the night with a blue themed party.

Use our Spotify playlist to set the scene, mix up some blue mocktails and cocktails and ask your mates for a small donation. Take a look at our blue Pinterest board below for more inspiration.

Follow WaterAid's board Blue4Water on Pinterest.

5. Hold a World Water Day cake sale

A blue one, of course!

Or go one step further, like four-year-old twins Maisie and Miley, who have been collecting blue trinkets to sell at their school in Lancashire on 22 March.

6. Decorate your home, school or office

Whether it's a cake sale for a hundred or a coffee morning for two, never let it be said that you can't host an event! 

Some of our blue bunting will brighten up your venue. And don't forget to dot some #Blue4Water posters around in advance (available to download on the Blue4Water page) to let everyone know about your event.

7. Make a blue spectacle of yourself... wherever you are.

Already doing an event? Whether it’s running across the Atacama Desert like Jamie here or a regular bike ride to the shops, get your blue training gear out and show everyone what you’re made of.

And, whatever you do, don’t forget to tweet us @WaterAidUK using #Blue4Water to show us what you’re up to, and post your pics on Facebook and Instagram too.