Row 10 km so they don't have to walk 10 km for water. Just £15 could provide a person with safe water for life.
Here are some tips to help you have a great night!

  • Decide where to set up your rowing machine - a large space with some inspirational posters or a great window view is best
  • Make sure you have permission from the person who is in charge - a local community centre might let you use their space for free and you could get a few friends involved too
  • Ask people to sponsor you per 10 km - that's how long woman have to walk on average for their water.
  • Download a sponsorship form from the resources page and set up a fundraising page online to make it easy for people to support you
  • Work out how far you’re hoping to row and match this to a well-known distance. Paul advertised that he and the team was planning to row the distance from Dover to Calais, which really made the challenge more realistic for his supporters
  • Make sure people know when the row will be happening and invite them to come along and cheer you on
  • You can use posters, or post on Facebook to keep people informed
  • You could hold a raffle or a sweepstake alongside the row, to raise some extra money
  • Once you have finished your row, let everyone know how far you rowed
  • Make sure you collect sponsorship money promptly after the event
  • After the event let everyone know how much was raised and how the money will transform lives
We can help with your event, so do feel free to get in touch. And good luck!

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