Support local producers and save lives in one evening! By raising £150 you could provide 10 people with safe water for life.
Here are some tips to help you have a great night!

  • Think about where you will hold the event. You could ask a local pub or church hall if they would let you use room space for free
  • Approach local wine merchants and cheese sellers, supermarkets and farmers' markets and ask them to donate wine and cheese for your event.
  • Cover the wine bottles in foil so your guests cannot see which is which - they can guess where they are from
  • Let everyone taste the cheese and guess the type
  • You could ask your guests to put them in order of which they think is most expensive – it’s often quite surprising!
  • Show a film about our work on the night, we can send you some great films.
  • Ask for donations from every guest and set up a fundraising page online.
  • You could invite a WaterAid speaker to attend your event to talk about how the money you raise can transform lives
  • After the event make sure you let everyone know how much was raised and how the money will transform lives
We can help with your night, so do feel free to get in touch. And good luck!

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