Make sure your event is perfect with these free materials, plus loads of advice and tips from our experts and fellow fundraisers.

Find out how to get free publicity, take great pictures and plan for success!

Top tips from our experts

Make sure your event is perfect with these tried and tested tips!

Planning your event

How to raise more money


  • Give your supporters regular updates on your progress and, most importantly, thank them for their generosity.
  • You could create a Facebook event, a WhatsApp group, get on Twitter or start a blog to keep everyone in the loop.
  • Spread the word. There are loads of ways for you to publicise your event.

After the event

  •  Remember to pay in your money promptly. You can find a paying-in form here.
  • Share our thank you letter or create your own personal thank you e-card or short vine video.
  • We would love to see photos and videos of your fundraising. Share them on our Facebook page or send them in by email.

Useful resources

Here is a range of materials you can download or use online to help with your event.


You can use this useful branded poster poster to write out the details of your event. It would look great in your local shop window or community hall. Download the poster here.

Web banners

Show your support for WaterAid by adding one of our banners to your website. Here is a range of banners to choose from.

Paying in form

Ready to send us your money? Please complete this form so we can get your money to those who need it.

Local newspapers, TV and radio

  • Send a press release about a month before to let your local newspaper, TV and radio stations know what you’re up to, and invite them to attend on the day.
  • Make sure to include your fundraising website link in any press that you achieve, so people can easily donate.
  • Include photos of any preparations or training you do in the build up. .
  • Send a press release as soon after the challenge or event as possible. Let your local newspaper, TV and radio stations know how much you raised and include photos from the event.
Download our press release template >


  • Your own camera will be fine for taking photos. Just bear in mind a couple of things:
High resolution: Local newspapers will need high resolution images. Make sure your camera is set to ‘large’ file size. You can always reduce the size of your images but you can’t enlarge them, so you want to take them as big as you can to start with. Most small cameras will make files at around three to five megabytes, which is fine for most uses.

Subject: Make sure you and your group are in it and make it interesting! Pictures of you training, at fundraising events, holding your medal, crossing the finish line... you get the idea.

Light: All the usual tips – don’t take pictures into the sun, but keep the image bright so that you can see the key things, probably your faces.

Social media

  • Use social media to spread the word about what you’re doing and encourage people to support you.
  • Take photos and videos of your training and fundraising activities – post these to Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.
  • If you’re fundraising in a group, set up a Facebook group and post materials on here.
  • Write a blog about the build-up to your challenge or event with photos and videos to make it funny and entertaining. Blogs are free and easy to set up – try websites such as Blogspot or WordPress.
  • Remember to always include a link to your fundraising page so people can click through to donate
  • Use @WaterAidUK so we can retweet you!