Fancy organising your own fundraising event but not sure what challenge to take on?

There are tons of ways you can raise funds for taps and toilets, and we’re here to help you every step of the way.

Whether you’re getting your bake on or gearing up for a physical challenge, we’ve got your back!

Make sure to let us know about your fundraising by popping us an email or setting up a JustGiving page, and we’ll be in touch to support you on your fundraising journey.

We can also send you helpful goodies like WaterAid balloons, bunting, t-shirts and banners – everything you need to get your fundraising started.

Check out our top fundraising ideas below, and download our handy toolkits for more inspiration.

Fundraising ideas and toolkits

Inspiring people: fundraising for WaterAid

Fundraising guide

Have a look at our fundraising guide for ideas and inspiration – we'll be right behind you every step of the way!

Top tip: Share your enthusiasm and passion with us! As soon as you've decided on your event, let us know and we'll do what we can to support you.

You could raise: The sky's the limit!

Download the guide now >

A woman cycles in a challenge event.

Organise a sponsored challenge

Whether it's a run, cycle or swim, gear yourself up for a physical challenge and ask your friends and family to sponsor you.

Top tip: Keep your supporters updated on how your training is going on social media, JustGiving and email – they'll feel part of your journey too!

You could raise: £100-£1,000

Download our toolkit now >

A WaterAid bake sale

Organise a cake sale

Indulge in a classic bit of fundraising! Give Mary Berry a run for her money by hosting a cake sale for taps and toilets.

Top tip: Tell everyone you know! Whether your cake sale will take place at home, at school or in the office, spread the word by email or social media.

You could raise: £50-£200

Download our toolkit now >


Give it up for taps and toilets

Whether it's something you love or a bad habit, make the ultimate self-sacrifice and give it up.

Top tip: The key is to choose something that is a real challenge to give up – our personal faves include no coffee for six months and no beer for a year!

You could raise: £50-£500

Download now >

A student in WaterAid's tap costume

Organise a WaterAid quiz

A quiz is a great way of raising funds and getting people together. 

Top tip: Add a good old dose of toilet humour and you've got a winning formula! You can also make things interesting by offering prizes for the winning team.

You could raise: £30-£100

Download our quiz toolkit now >

Children playing in water, Nepal.

Fundraise for World Water Day

We've got loads of ideas about how you can fundraise for us on 22 March.

Top tip: Go #Blue4Water and turn your fundraising blue. Dress in blue, bake blue cakes... sing the blues! We don't mind how you do it, just go blue.

You could raise: £50-£200

Download our toolkit now >

Woman swimming

Organise a WaterAid-a-thon

Pick a challenge to take on for 24 hours and get others involved! Our personal fave is the swim-a-thon, but we’ve also seen a run-a-thon, hymn-a-thon, dance-a-thon and silence-a-thon!

Top tip: Borrow one of our tap or toilet costumes for your challenge – your supporters won't be able to say no!

What you could raise: £50-£400


Special occasion fundraising

Have a special day coming up? Whether it’s your wedding, anniversary or birthday, ask friends and family for a donation instead of gifts.

Top tip: If you're having a party, give us a ring and ask for some of our WaterAid bunting and balloons to give your celebrations an extra WaterAid twist.

You could raise: £100-£200


Organise a crafty sale

Are you a pro at making jam, an expert knitter or a seriously good artist? Sell your beautiful crafty creations in exchange for a donation to WaterAid.

Top tip: Make the most of your community networks to sell your goods! You could also do a skills-share and teach others your craft.

You could raise: £20-£200