The stupidest things you flush

We asked a sewerage scientist about the most wack, weird and wet-wipesy crap that ends up blocking the drains. How many are you personally responsible for?

22 Aug 2016

It’s not easy being a PhD of poo. As operations and maintenance manager of Dublin city’s sewerage treatment plant, Ciaran McCausland has seen it all. He shared some of the most mind-boggling crap (that isn’t crap) you cram down the drains.

Baby Wipes

According to the Daily Mail, Bruno Mars and Will Smith are big fans of these moistened rags. But do you know who isn’t? The poor drain workers who have to battle fatbergs in our sewer systems. Put them in the bin, you big baby.


Wax on, wax off, flush the evidence. Your gross little ear-batons have a lovely propensity for getting lodged where they shouldn’t.

False teeth

The mystery of grandad’s disappearing chompers, solved at last!

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