Most of us wouldn't think of our toilets as life-savers. They just make life a bit more comfortable and convenient right?

Well, think of life without one and it's easier to see their importance – imagine the mess, the smell, the germs... let alone the embarrassment.

The reality is even worse – one in three people in the world don't have a proper toilet. Without them people have to go in the open, which spreads deadly diseases.

World leaders made a promise, now we need a plan

Last year, world leaders made the first ever commitment to reach everyone everywhere with clean water and safe toilets: Global Goal 6. If you signed one of our previous petitions, you were part of it – thanks so much for your amazing support!

Now we're determined to make sure governments keep their promises, starting with our own. 

That's why we took every signature from our Toilets Save Lives petition this summer to the UK Government. 

From everyone at WaterAid, a huge thank you to all of you who added your name and helped us reach an astonishing 78,509 signatures.

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