Chet's story

Chet Kumari Basnet lives in Hardeni with her two children Mandira, 12, and Manoj, 10. Her husband has been working abroad for the past year.

The family's main source of drinking water is a spring further down the hill. Chet has to walk for an hour to collect water and then carry the heavy pots back up the steep hill. To collect enough water for her family, she makes the journey several times a day. She often carries two pots at a time which gives her back pain. 

In the dry season there are long queues for water, particularly in the morning and evenings. Sometimes she sends her children to queue so she can do other household tasks but this takes so long the children miss school. Chet and her neighbours are often still collecting water at midnight.

The new water lifting system will pump water up the hill to a tap near Chet's house. Chet is so excited about the prospect of clean water for her family, she has helped to carry stone, sand and cement for the project. 

"It was hard to believe that the water can be pumped up and distributed like this. In the beginning not only me but also the community people did not believe that this could happen. The water source is down and the community is up and everybody questioned how this is possible. But when I got involved in the construction, I understood that the water can be lifted up and distributed through a reservoir tank up in the hill.

"After the project is completed, I can save lots of time. I can learn tailoring and make some extra money for my family. I can also take care of my children's cleanliness. My husband is abroad and he feels very happy to know about all the progress being made in our place."