Ganesh Bahadur Karki, Project Coordinator

As an active member of the community, Ganesh was chosen as project coordinator for the Gahubari project by the user committee. As well as account and project management, his role is to bring the community together to help with the project.

When he was appointed, Ganesh went on account keeping and project management training. He also learnt how to manage community conflicts which has been useful, especially when there were unforeseen delays. When the water system was first installed it didn’t work and a lot of people in the community started to lose faith in the project. Ganesh visited each home to convince families that the new system could and would work. 

He has worked closely with the community throughout the project and arranged regular meetings to make decisions like where the taps should be built. Disagreements can cause delays so it was important that any disputes were solved as they arose.

Ganesh has been involved in all aspects of the project but there are particular moments that stand out for him:

“One day, I went to test the reservoir tank. I wanted to see if the pump was working. I called some of the local children playing nearby to show them the system and told them they could bring pots to collect water but they didn’t believe me.

Then I sprinkled the water from the pipe towards them. Seeing this, the children ran towards the water like anything. They were very happy to see it flowing.

One of the children showed me his head where he has lost his hair due to carrying water for longer time. He said: ‘Now I don't have to carry water and I will get my hair back on my head. I can go to school in time as well.’ They were dancing, jumping and playing. This was really very pleasing.

I am honoured and I feel proud to be involved in the project and have learnt that if we keep on trying without losing hope, we will definitely be successful one day.”