Jaynanda Chaudhary, Assistant Project Supervisor

Jaynanda Chaudhary has worked with WaterAid's partner NEHAW for three years. As Assistant Project Supervisor on the Gahubari project he is responsible for keeping the project on track and for mobilising the community to help with the construction work. 

The community has been integral to the success of the project so far. They have moved materials from the main road where they were delivered by tractor to the construction site; they have helped to dig the ground in preparation for the pipes being laid; and they have formed a user committee to manage and maintain the new system when it's finished.

The project is the first time Jaynanda and his team have installed a system where the water needs to be pumped uphill. Powered by 21KW micro hydropower, the water will be pumped uphill to a reservoir where it is stored. The next stage of the project will pipe the water to taps throughout the village.

When the pump was first installed the team couldn't get it to work properly and the community worried that the whole project would fail. It was Jaynanda's job to reassure them and keep them motivated.

"The big problem occurred when the water system didn’t work. The community did not believe us that it would work. They felt the project was a failure and their hard work was in vain. But now the system is working, people are very happy!

There are lots of villages in Nepal where access to water is very hard. I have seen and experienced the positive change that takes place after we finish projects. To feel such joy within a community gives me real pleasure.

At the moment people in Gahaburi have to walk for two to three hours to fill a pot of water. When the water system is finished it will take them five minutes!"