The Gahubari project

WaterAid established its country programme in Nepal in 1987 and currently works with seven partner organisations across the country to deliver water and sanitation services. Working with our partner organisation NEWAH (Nepal Water for Health), WaterAid is improving access to safe water for communities in the hill district of Hardeni.

Hardeni is in the Udayapur region of Nepal. It has one of the poorest water and sanitation coverage levels in the country. The hilly and terraced land makes it difficult to transport materials for building projects, and landslides and flooding are common during the monsoon season.

Here we follow the progress of a project bringing safe water to 75 households in the hilltop community of Gahubari. Water from a natural spring will be pumped to a tank at the top of the hill. From here the water will be piped to taps in the village using gravity flow.

Drawings from the project