water collection buckets

Can you imagine what life would have been like growing up without clean water or a decent toilet?

Think of the time you would spend collecting water instead of learning, making and playing. The lessons you’d miss at school because you were sick. What would it have been like to live without the privacy of a toilet?

That's normal life for children in Mirchaiya, Nepal, where the local school has no water. When students need the toilet, they go to the fields, where they report being scared of snakes and scorpions.


Samjhana carries home a jerry can of dirty water collected from the unprotected tapped spring in Nepal

12-year-old Samjhana is one of those students. She collects water for her family three or four times a day, which sometimes means she misses school.

"Sometimes even if you want to go to school, you’re already late and everyone has already left," she says. "So I feel like crying."

Studying is close to Samjhana's heart: she wants to become a teacher. "It’s education that improves your life. I’d like to study throughout my life, but I’m not sure if my dreams will be fulfilled or not."

Let's turn dreams into reality

Samjhana's experience is the experience of millions of children around the world – one in ten children don't have water close to home, and one in every three don't have a decent toilet.

Why is it like this? Some families are too poor to pay for the services we take for granted. Some live in remote places. Some children are disabled, and some are discriminated against.

But whatever the reason, this struggle stops children from turning their dreams into reality. That’s why, this summer, we want you to make clean water and decent toilets normal for every child. Will you fight for children everywhere?

Add your name to the petition to ask the UK Government to include taps and toilets for every child in their plans for schools around the world. Sign the petition today >