A day all about toilets does sound funny. But for many millions of people around the world toilets are no laughing matter. A shocking 2.4 billion people – one in three of the world’s population – do not have access to a safe, private place to go to the loo.

World Toilet Day takes place every year on 19 November, and 2016 saw countries all over the world marking the day with their own activities.

World Toilet Day was also a great opportunity to launch our latest report into the state of the world's toilets. This year's focus is on urban sanitation, a particularly important topic at a time when more and more people across the world are moving from rural areas to cities.

Your support makes a difference

Last year we helped over three million people gain access to a safe, clean and private toilet – that’s almost 350 people an hour!

Daniel, 7, at one of the new toilets in the village of Grotu, Timor-Leste.Daniel, 7, at one of the new toilets in Grotu, Timor-Leste, where WaterAid supports community-led construction of water, sanitation and hygiene services.

We work with our local partners using local materials, low-cost solutions, and are always exploring new ways to deal with human waste.

We also campaign tirelessly to demand that governments target their development efforts and spending on sanitation. It might not be sexy or nice to talk about, but we know that toilets save lives.


It's no joke

It's no joke!

Let loose with the laughter and help us use comedy to get the nation talking toilets this World Toilet Day.

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