19 November was World Toilet Day!

To mark the day, Louie the Loo asked you to celebrate the little guy in the corner - him! It's time to say #ThankYouToilet.

Why toilets?

It may sound a bit silly – but toilets can change everything.

Without a toilet, how can anyone hope to stay healthy? Germs in human waste spread disease and open defecation makes living conditions intolerable. And, without a private toilet, women and girls are vulnerable to human and animal attack.

Toilets are one of the most basic human rights, yet one in three of the world's population don't have one.

This year, for the first time, World Toilet Day has been recognised as an official day by the UN, which is great news!

To celebrate this, help make Louie the Loo a star and share his song on Facebook or Twitter today, or email the film to five friends.

What is WaterAid doing?

With the help of local people and partners, every year we build thousands of toilets – always making sure we install the right kind of toilets for the local area. We use local materials, low-cost solutions, and are always exploring new ways to deal with human waste.

We also campaign tirelessly to demand that governments target their development efforts and spending on sanitation. It might not be sexy or nice to talk about, but we know that toilets save lives.

Even more than that, spending on sanitation has huge economic benefits – for every pound invested in sanitation and water, there's around a £4 return. Health is improved, fewer days are lost to sickness, and girls stay on at school longer.

To mark World Toilet Day, WaterAid has co-published a groundbreaking new report on sanitation and women's health. We can’t wait makes it clear that governments, civil society and business must work together to improve the health and prosperity of women worldwide.