World Water Day

Water is just the beginning...

At WaterAid, we believe water is the beginning of a better world. 

Access to safe, clean water transforms people's lives: it can prevent disease, save time, empower women and keep children in school. And when all those changes happen together the transformation is amazing.

Safe water has changed everything in the village of Alakamisy, Madagascar.

Join us on a journey to meet the residents and hear their stories first-hand >

A women carrying a water container to a house

But Alakamisy is only one community. Just think if everyone's lives were transformed by access to water.

We believe that everyone, everywhere should have access to safe, clean water. And today in our new Everyone everywhere report we are calling on governments around the world to make a clear commitment to ensure that there is universal access to safe water and sanitation by 2030.

If, like us, you think this should be a priority, please email your MP today and call for action >