Water means different things to each of us but one thing is certain – it is vital for all our lives. That's why the UN designates 22 March every year as World Water Day: a day to celebrate life-giving water.

Today 748 million people around the world still have no clean water to drink.

Without it children get sick and miss school. Women waste hours walking for water rather than spending time more productively.

We want everyone, everywhere to have clean water, sanitation and hygiene by 2030. We believe this goal is possible, and asked you to help us make it a reality by doing one – or all – of these three things on World Water Day:

1. Watch our sH₂Ort films >

Filmmakers from around the world have been making one minute films giving their unique perspective on the theme of water. After entries from 33 countries, 21 films were shortlisted and judged by our esteemed panel. The votes are now in, and we're thrilled to announce the winners.

Watch the films >

2. Share your local water story >

2015 marks 150 years since the opening of the UK's first proper sewerage system – and we need your help to uncover the history of taps and toilets near you.

Take part in our Big History Project >
 Priya and her nan

3. Act to change the world's water story >

2015 is the year we can get clean water and safe toilets to the top of the global agenda. Pledge your support and urge the UK government to support a dedicated Sustainable Development Goal on water and sanitation.

Sign our petition >
 Portrait of Fara, Madagascar.
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