About WaterAid's Chemistry of Me quiz

Below are all of the image credits for our Chemistry of me quiz. Take the quiz to find out what you're made of >

Question 1

Sofa + TV + beer: Leonid Mamchenkov, Flickr

Hanging with the besties: Kate Williamsn, Flickr

Question 2

Walter White

Darth Vader

The Joker

Cersei Lannister

Cruella de Vil

Tony Soprano

Question 5

Super strength


Supersonic speed

Mind reading

Time travel

Super smarts

Question 6

Albert Einstein: Bridgeman Images

Martin Luther King: Bridgeman Images

Mother Theresa: Wikipedia commons

Nina Simone

Jane Austen: Wikipedia commons

David Bowie: Mirrorpix/ Bridgeman Images

Question 7

Cosy companion: Sam Trull, 2014

Loyal little fella: Christopher Michel, Flickr

Awuuuuoooo!: Max Goldberg, Flickr

Question 8

That 70s show

Victorian England

Ancient Egypt

Ancient Rome