People reached with safe water last year.

People reached with sanitation.

People reached with hygiene promotion.

Charity really does work

In 1990, just 4 in 10 people living in Malawi had access to safe water. Today that figure stands at 9 in 10.

In rural areas, like the village of Chandaka, the lack of safe water meant a struggle to grow food and stay healthy.

When Zione (pictured below) was growing up in Chandaka, she had to leave school after contracting cholera.

"It was very painful for me because my friends who finished are doing better," the 22-year-old mother says.

But women like Zione have seen amazing change happen in the space of a generation. She now has a safe water supply for her and her daughter, Flora. 

Zione with her daughter Flora, Malawi 2016Zione with her daughter Flora, Malawi, June 2016.

In fact, now  9 in 10 people across Malawi have access to safe water. The progress since 1990 has been stunning.

These changes are thanks to people like you – people who believe that empathy, compassion and generosity is the stuff that makes history.

Let’s not stop now. Every year, 78 million people are turning on a tap or using a pump for the first time.

If we can reach just 8% more people a year, we can help make sure that 2030 is the year that everyone, everywhere has access to safe water.

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