Watch his moves and feel the love today.

Dadabe is dancing for joy because of you. He had never thought he’d see fresh water pouring from a tap in his village in Madagascar. Moments like these can’t happen without you.

Your love and generosity has helped turn on taps for families all over the world. In fact, you’ve spread the love to 24.9 million people worldwide, who have safe water all because of you.

Dadabe means Grandad in Madagascan. Now more grandchildren and great grandchildren will be born into a world where they won’t have to trek miles for clean water.  We hope this snippet of one grandad’s happiness has given you a sense of the joy you have created around the world. That’s what your support has done and continues to do, every day.

Please share the film with the ones you love and show them the difference you make.

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When people's lives are transformed with safe water and toilets there is always a great story to tell.