For the first time in history, nine in ten people around the world now have clean water to drink. But we can’t stop there.

There’s more work to be done before we reach everyone everywhere with clean water. One family, one village, one country at a time.

Meet Esnart

Before clean water was brought to her village in November 2016, Esnart was the one in ten that still lives without access to water. Esnart lives in Vimphere, a village in Malawi where there were no taps, just a filthy waterhole that dries up in the dry season.

Every day she had to wake up at 3am, strap her two-year-old son Jafali to her back and go into the night to collect filthy water for her and her son before it ran out.  

Esnart and her son

And when she got home, she lovingly had to feed it to her baby, hoping it wouldn't make him ill.

We’ve seen what the people of Vimphere are made of: perseverance, strength and optimism.  

This winter, you can show us what you’re made of too. Help us make history – help us reach the one in ten. We’re so close! 

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