Ask your MP to support the Third Reading of the 0.7% bill

In September, we asked you to email your MP about the 0.7% bill on international aid. You did – and we won. Now our Campaigns Officer Rebecca Owen explains why we need your help to get the bill over its final hurdle and enshrined in law.


27 Nov 2014 | UK

Back in September of this year, I asked WaterAid supporters to email their MP to support the Second Reading of a bill, to enshrine in law the UK's commitment to spend 0.7% of our national income on international development.

At the time, I asked because I felt it was the right thing to do and I wanted our supporters to have the opportunity to make their voices heard. I did it, in all honesty, with little hope of the bill succeeding.

But you took action – and we won. That’s why, today, I'm asking if you'll do it again.

The Third Reading of the bill will take place on Friday 5 December and we need at least 100 MPs to be there to enshrine it in law.

It’s a tall order, but we know it can be done. Why? Because you did it before.

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Making the seemingly impossible happen

Thanks to public pressure in September, an astonishing 170 MPs attended the Second Reading. 164 voted to progress the bill – a huge result, and testament to the fact that your voice in support of international development is truly important.

This time around, I feel very differently about the next vote. September taught me two things: one, that if you believe something's the right thing to do, you can make the seemingly impossible happen, and two, that your voices together are more powerful than you know.

We are so close to a historic moment in UK politics. But I also know that we can't be complacent.

Needless to say, I wasn't the only one surprised by the result from the Second Reading. Those against this law were equally shocked, and will be taking this Third Reading much more seriously, making your support – and your MP's presence – even more important this time around.

'Hope for the future, enshrined in law'

In September, Gordon Brown MP made a heartfelt plea for the bill to succeed, saying it was "a message that there can be hope for the future, enshrined in law. Let us ensure that we can say that to millions of people who thought things were hopeless that we not only kept our promises, but we kept hope alive."

Against all the odds, we've got this far.  Now we know the challenge is not insurmountable. We know that together our voices simply cannot be ignored. Friday 5 December is our chance to make history happen. So let's win this.

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