Back to Sierra Leone

A decade after the devastating civil war, the people of Sierra Leone are still trying to rebuild their lives.

27 Aug 2013

Without safe water or sanitation, this is impossible – so we recently returned to the country to start our vital work again. While the horrific memories of the conflict may never fade, we can see the new hope that safe water and sanitation bring.

In Fayama, where we recently installed a handpump, Mohammed Sowa told us, "We can now think ahead in terms of the development of this place. The community will go from strength to strength now."

We've made a great start – last year, with our partners, we reached 3,000 people with safe water and 18,000 with sanitation. This year, our aim is to reach over 6,000 people with water and over 26,000 with sanitation.

Watch this short film to find out more:

Back to Sierra Leone film still